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Here, we would like to share our recipe for Taiwanese inspired Tantanmen. It’s easy to make and great for Spring & Summer! To make a vegan version, just omit the egg on top.


Moroheiya Vegetarian Noodle
1 bag
Fermented Dried Black Bean
12 beans (please adjust as you like)
Chinese leek (Nira)
1/4 pack
Hot Spicy Sauce
2 tsp
Vegetarian Barbecue Sauce
1/2 Tbsp
2 tsp
Sesame oil
3 Tbsp
Hot water
2 tsp
Any toppings you like (sunflower seeds, pine nuts, sesame etc.)
to taste
Egg yolk


  1. ニラを1cmくらいの幅に切り、豆豉は潰して細かくします。

  2. 1をAと一緒にボウルに入れ、よく混ぜます。タヒニは溶けにくいので、お湯を入れてスプーンの背などで潰すようにすると混ぜやすいです。

  3. たっぷりのお湯でモロヘイヤヌードルを茹で、茹で上がったらザルにあけて水をよく切り、熱いうちに2に入れてソースを絡めます。

  4. 麺全体にソースが絡んだらお皿に盛り付けて上に卵黄をのせ、ひまわりの種やゴマなどお好きなトッピングをふりかけて完成です。ひまわりの種やゴマ、松の実を入れると食感も増え美味しくなりますよ。いろいろ試してみてください。


  1. Cut the nira into 1cm long pieces and mash with the fermented dried black beans (if you’ve not had them before they taste a bit like miso).

  2. Place the nira, fermented dried black beans, and (A) into a bowl then mix well. You might find the tahini difficult to mix in. If so, try melting it against the sides of the bowl with the back of a spoon when you add the hot water.

  3. Boil a bag of Moroheiya Vegetarian Noodles in a deep pan. Strain and put the noodles into a large bowl. Whilst still warm add the sauce and mix well.

  4. When the noodles and sauce are mixed, serve topped with egg yolk, sunflower seeds, sesame or any other topping you like! The added texture makes the noodles taste that much better.