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東京ベジフェス 2011
Tokyo Vegy Fes 2011

東京ベジフェス 2011 <br> Tokyo Vegy Fes 2011

10月15日は強風のため急遽中止となりました。当日早朝Jack&Fay, Fayのご両親とで車で出発してから15分して、「中止!」という電話を受け、すぐにUターン。どうなることかと思いましたが、16日は無事に行われました!詳細はこちらリサ品を普段からご愛用いただいているお客様がたくさんお立ち寄りくださいました。新商品のアーモンドバター、カシューバター、ネイキッドが大好評でした。セールの新商品スプレッド、トーフマヨネーズも完売。原材料の一括ラベルをじっくり吟味されるお客さんが多いこと、ニュートリショナルイーストなどのマニアックな商品がよく売れるもベジフェスならではですね。10月というのに夏のような暑さでキャロブチップスなどはドロドロになりました。

This event was to be held on October 15th. Jack, Fay and I were loaded into the car and had been driving for about 15 minutes when we had a call that the event had been cancelled! Strong winds had raised fears of the tent flying away so we all had everything crossed for the following day. The next day dawned clear and still so we loaded up the car again and set off. No sooner had we set up our booth than customers began to appear. The most popular items were our new almond and cashew butters from Meridian Foods, the Nakd bars from the UK and our new vegan spreads from Germany. Specialized ingredients such as nutritional yeast were also very popular.


飲食部門はとにかく行列が目立ちました。国連大学前のファーマーズマーケットなどでも人気のCORIさん、市川市のベジラーメン(麺も手打ちです!あっさりしょうゆ味)、台湾ベジのLoving Hutさん(写真のベジホットドック)、ベジカレーナタラジさんなどなど、魅惑的なお料理がたくさん。通常ベジのレストランは町にたくさんはないので、彷徨わなければならないベジタリアンもここでは安心。なにより、お客さんのベジを”追求”する熱意が、暑い中での行列に感じられました。パン屋さんでは、アリサン


We met a few of the company’s who had booths at our own market day such as Pitagora Sweets. Their natural sweets were fantastic and were sold out very early in the day. All the booths selling food and drink had long queues. The farmers market ouside the university also attracted a lot of interest. There was vege ramen from Ishikawa-shi, Taiwanese cooking from Loving Hut, vege curry from Nataraji-san and so much more. There aren’t many vegetarian restaurants in Japan; this event was special in allowing customers to enjoy their meals safe in the knowledge that everything they ate and drank was vegetarian. It was amazing to see so much interest in the food even though the day was so hot. There were a few booths run by customers of our wholesale company Alishan such as PotajeLala, making bread with natural yeast, Hemp Kitchen who supplies our hemp seed, Mitoku and Muso and other big names in the vegetarian food market.

It was a lovely day, a great atmosphere and we all ate more than was good for us. We hope to see you there next year!