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Vitamont loses it’s straws

ヴィタモントジュースはストローなしに<br>Vitamont loses it’s straws

ヴィタモントジュースはストローなしに ・No more straws for Vitamont Juice!

削減されたコストは海洋清掃に生かされます・Vitamont promises to donate the money that would have been spent on straws, to projects to clean up the ocean.


Our orange juice has just switched to the straw-free packaging and the others will follow suit over the coming months.


Europe has passed a law that requires all companies to stop providing plastic straws, forks, spoons and so on with their products by 2021. Vitamont is proud to be among the first companies to remove the straws from their packaging and are collaborating with the NGO Surfrider to help rid the oceans of our plastic waste. If you still prefer to use a straw there are plenty of reusable or biodegradable options available in Japan, from steel to sugar cane to bamboo. The law may not have changed yet in Japan but we are happy to support Vitamont’s move towards reducing our plastic waste.