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Nutrition and a Vegan Diet

ヴィーガンと栄養、実際どうなの?<br>Nutrition and a Vegan Diet


With a growing worldwide emphasis on switching to a plant based diet we thought it time to review the downsides of cutting meat out of your diet. Whilst we passionately believe reducing meat consumption is great for both your health and the health of the planet, any change in diet must be made responsibly and with awareness of the consequences.

  1. ビタミンB12


By far the most important nutrient that you will miss if you cut out meat and dairy altogether is vitamin B12. It is a vitamin essential for proper functioning of the body and you can get ill if levels drop too low. Happily it is also a very easy supplement to take. You can easily purchase chewable tablets or sprays and even skin patches of this vitamin in fruit flavours. Our nutritional yeast is also fortified with B12 so mixing up a white sauce or making some french toast with nutritional yeast is another great way to boost your intake of this essential vitamin.

2. オメガ3  

プラントベースで不足しがちな2番めに大切な栄養素は、オメガ3脂肪酸です。 クルミ、チアシード、フラックスシード、ヘンプシードなどからオメガ3の一部を摂るのは比較的簡単です。おすすめは「オメガ3が豊富な油」を使用するのより、食事で「オメガ3が豊富な食材」を取り入れることです。一方、EPAとDHAは魚や甲殻類等からしか摂取できないといわれてきましたが、 現在では海藻から抽出されるEPA・DHAサプリメントもあります。

A second major nutrient you may lack if you follow a vegan diet are fatty acids, or more precisely omega 3 fatty acids. Whilst it’s relatively easy to get some types of omega 3 in a plant based diet from foods such as walnuts, chia, flax and hemp seeds, long chain fatty acids EPA and DHA are only really found in fish oil. Try considering increasing high fatty acid foods in your diet rather than using omega 3 rich oils and you could also consider an EPA or DHA supplement, which is usually extracted from algae.

3. ビタミンD

3番目はビタミンDです。皮膚が直接日光にあたると体内にビタミンDが作られます。でもいつもできるとは限りません。 特に冬、太陽が昇る前に仕事に出かけ、暗くなってから家に帰ることもあるでしょう。ビタミンDを含むプラントベースの食材は非常に限られるので、十分日光にあたっていないと感じた場合は、ビタミンDサプリメントを取り入れるとよいでしょう。

The third major vitamin level you want to watch out for is vitamin D. Usually 15 minutes exposing your skin to sunlight is enough for the body to produce it’s own vitamin D but for vegans and omnivores alike, it’s not always possible to get out enough, especially in the winter when many people leave for work before the sun has fully risen and head home after dark. There are very few natural sources of vitamin D so if you feel that you aren’t getting outside enough it might be worth taking a vitamin D supplement too.

上記の3つの栄養成分はサプリメントを摂ったりしつつ適切なレベルをがっちり確保する必要はありますが、日々のバランスの取れた食事こそが健康の秘訣であるはず、もちろん厳格なヴィーガンにとっても。 ブロッコリー、チンゲン菜、ケール、など濃い緑色の野菜と、豆腐、豆、ドライフルーツ、ナッツ、シード、新鮮なフルーツを十分摂り、お日様を浴びて健やかな気持ちで。もちろん春夏は紫外線の浴びすぎに注意してくださいね。

Aside from these three main nutrients, which are best taken as a supplement to ensure adequate levels, a well balanced diet should be enough to keep the strictest of vegans healthy. Eat plenty of dark green veg like broccoli, bok choi and kale, tofu, beans, dried fruit, nuts and seeds as well as some fresh fruit for vitamin C and get out in the sunshine as much as possible (don’t overdo it in the summer though!).