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阿里山カフェ 7月の営業スケジュール

阿里山カフェ 7月の営業スケジュール


Alishan Cafe schedules for July



Finally the rainy season is over and hot sunshines are in Koma, Hidaka!
We can hear many kids enjoying in Koma river next to our cafe😊✨

Due to the Covid situation, we currently welcome every customers only to our deck. Your four-legged family members are welcomed at the deck area🐕❤️  You can enjoy our good food and drinks among the nature. We have a few fans to ventilate, however do not have AC so please visit us in clothes that can regulate your body temperature.

*We currently do not take any seat reservations on any day. We ask every customers to wait at the entrance until to be guided then to check the body temperature & sanitize the hands before entering. Anyone without a mask would be refused. Thank you for understanding.