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阿里山カフェ 8月の営業スケジュール

阿里山カフェ 8月の営業スケジュール

⚠️We updated Obon schedule on Aug. 5⚠️

8/12(木)〜15(日) テイクアウトのみの営業となります。

Aug. 12-15: Take-out only;
the shop next to our cafe will be closed.
Aug. 16: closed
※You can make your take-out orders in advance.
Call us! 042-982-4823

Alishan Cafe schedules for July





The hot days continues in Koma, and we can feel the summer!
You can hear the energetic voices of children playing in the river next to our cafe 😊✨

At Alishan Cafe, we are waiting for you with our special seasonal menus: “Tropical Green Smoothie” and “Kay’s lilly flower Jelly” that you should definitely try during this hot season. * We do not offer the jelly on Thursdays.

Kay’s lilly flower Jelly is a low-calorie Taiwanese classic sweet. Natural pectin creates a mysterious texture like jelly. For those who want to make it at home, it is also sold at the Tengu shop, so please try it. Sweeten it with agave syrup, squeeze the lemon and eat it refreshingly … Adding sweetly boiled mung beans may make it more Taiwanese!

The cafe seats are limited to outdoor seats (deck) to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Dogs are also welcome in the deck area 🐕❤️ You can enjoy the air and environment while eating meals surrounded by nature. We use a fan for ventilation, but there is no air conditioner, so please come in clothes that can regulate your body temperature 😌