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Naturli Block vs Spreadable
Naturli有機ブロック vs 有機スプレッド

Naturli Block vs Spreadable<br>Naturli有機ブロック vs 有機スプレッド

Naturli spreadable and block have proved popular newcomers to Tengu thanks to their great taste. One question we keep being asked though is, what is the difference? Both Spreadable and the Block are made with vegetable oils so how are they different?


Whilst it’s true that both contain the same ingredients, the balance of oils is different, making the block remain firm at room temperature whilst spreadable is softer. Spreadable is also slightly sweeter too, though neither contains sugar.


Naturli block is the perfect substitute for butter; just like butter it’s a little difficult to spread on your toast, but if you’re melting over pancakes, using to flavor a dish or adding it to your baking there’s nothing better. Unlike butter it has a fresher, cleaner taste too and doesn’t overpower other ingredients. Spreadable is for your toast and sandwiches. It spreads perfectly out of the fridge but when it comes to baking it doesn’t give quite as crisp a biscuit or as light a pastry.


Now is a great time to try Naturli, whilst the cooler weather continues, and we’re offering the block at an amazing price. Why not give it a try?