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マーケットデイ 2017
Market Day 2017

マーケットデイ 2017<br> Market Day 2017

マーケットデイ、昔といま ー変わらないのは「分かち合うこと」

The times have changed. But “sharing” is an idea we’ll never give up!


It had been 10 years since we started Alishan. There was no internet yet. We set up Alishan stand at Music Festival in Fujino and at Christmas event at an American School. It was a place where we were able to meet up the friends who usually placed an order over the phone.


 We are now in the internet age. In 2001 we all got together and built  this Alishan barn in Hidaka. Then we held a market there where we met Alishan customers and Tengu customers. We can now talk to  each other in person internet casino. We can enjoy live music. We can even learn yoga. When we started Alishan Market Day, it was cozy and intimate. People appreciated this friendly atmosphere.



Today all kinds of people  join Alishan Market Day. Not only customers but business people, craftsmen, musicians, artists etc. The times have changed, but there is something that never changes: sharing beautiful landscape of Koma, good food, sunshine and peaceful atmosphere with your own people. That’s what Alishan Market Day is for.



Behind the scenes


 The party is held in the evening of Market Day for the exhibitors and Alishan staff. ( It’s a shame regular customers can’t join the party. But you can take a peek today.) You can indulge yourself in colorful vegetarian dishes and Alishan desserts. All the dishes and desserts are homemade by Team Alishan led by Fay.




「イベントが終わってみんなで顔を合わせるパーティはとても大切なもの。はじめの頃は、ドリンクやケーキを並べただけでしたが、年を経るごとに料理が増えてゆき、いまのような盛大なパーティになりました。アリサン創業からのスーパーベテランスタッフ ”おばさんたち”が手伝ってくれ、社屋三階の自宅キッチンでみんなで料理しています。 」今年は得意の台湾料理が出てくるかな?

Super hostess Fay goes :

“The party is very important after the event. We all can talk to each other. It started just with drinks and cake. Gradually more and more dishes are served as time goes by. Now it has become quite a feast. Half of the dishes are made on the third floor of the barn by the staff who have been working since the foundation of Alishan.”

You know what dishes Fay is good at? Believe me: when it comes to Taiwanese dishes, she is something.


Alishan Market Day 2010