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ビタミンA たっぷり!ケールの魅力

Boost your vitamin A intake with some delicious kale.



What kind of vegetable is kale?

Kale, well-known as the main ingredient of green juice, is a cruciferous vegetable and the original species of cabbage. Unlike cabbage, kale does not grow into a tight ball which means its leaves receive plenty of sunlight, rich in vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Kale grows in all seasons because it is resistant to heat and cold, and it has a history of being spread throughout the world, making it useful to those taking long voyages.



King of green  vegetables

So why is kale attracting so much attention? Kale is rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A (β-carotene), calcium and iron which are often lacking in daily life. In particular it has twice as much vitamin A as ginseng and it has twice as much calcium as milk. Admittedly it’s easier to consume more dairy than kale but if you’re following a diary-free diet you should definitely be eating kale.


Ulla and the team at Green Gourmet in Denmark.




How does it taste

Because raw kale does not have many varieties and it is quite bitter, it is recommended that you have it cooked or fried. However, you may be worried that the nutrients will be lost. Do not worry! Kale’s nutrients are not easily broken when heated. The soup and noodles that Tengu carries are also rich in nutrients, or there is our kale powder which you can add to water for an easy kale fix or sprinkle our dried kale in your cooking. Kale omelettes, sprinkled in a stir fry, added to soups; whatever you prefer.