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Alvarado Street Bakery

アルバラドストリートベーカリー<br>Alvarado Street Bakery





Bread for people, not for profit

Inspired by social movements in San Francisco, Alvarado Street Bakery began life as an NGO in 1978 in California, to create healthy bread for the local community. They were among the first bakers to introduce GMO free bread and in 1981 became an employee owned cooperative.

35 years later they are the number one producer of organic bread in the US. The bakery has three, fully mechanized manufacturing lines where 40,000 loaves of bread are produced daily. There are people there too though! Currently 83 employees work to produce this great tasting bread.

About Alvarado





Alvarado’s bread begins by sprouting grains.

From the first mouthful you can taste the grains and that’s down to the sprouting process. Organic wheat is soaking in water and allowed to sprout. This activates the enzymes and increases nutritional value. This method of sprouting wheat to produce bread is actually a technique that’s been around since biblical times.

Alvarado is also a company dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint. The factory roof is covered in solar panels, providing 40% of their power needs to produce their bread.

The company’s management is democratic and all employees have one vote each. Stocks can only be owned by employees and the profits are distributed equally.

Why we love them



Dreams come true—let’s start importing frozen bread!

Jack first came across Alvarado at a food exhibition and told them that one day he would import their bread. It took time and effort but eventually we were able to import the first frozen loaves from Alvarado.