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New England Natural Bakers

ニューイングランドナチュラルベイカーズ<br>New England Natural Bakers





Supplier: New England Natural Bakers

Country of origin: U.S.

Product: Save the forest granola, Apple raisin walnut granola, Muesli




Granola manufacture rents a restaurant oven

In 1977, New England Natural Bakers was founded by John Brusek in Massachusetts, USA. He started by borrowing a pizza oven in the mornings, before the owner opened, to bake batches of his own granola. From there they became a pioneer in the natural food industry, producing their own granola, muesli and trail mix. In 2012, the company became a 100% employee-owned company and there are currently 40 employees working at two bases.

About New England Natural Bakers



Using natural sweeteners like maple syrup and honey

New England Natural Bakers uses sweeteners such as maple syrup and honey, and organic raw materials wherever possible. Even to this today, granola is baked in the oven. They also donate 10% of their profits to environmental protection and social causes.

Why we love them



Jack’s day starts with granola

Soon after Alishan was founded in 1987, we started carrying New England Natural Baker’s products. The founder’s name is also John. Our John felt an instant affinity with him and said, “If I was left in the United States … I would probably have created a company like New England Natural Bakers.” At the time of Alishan’s founding there was no granola available in Japan, so Jack used to hand carry them to Japan in his suitcase. “Granola has great meaning in my life. When I was young I started every day with granola. I ate two bowls of granola and that kept me going at my job as a carpenter.”