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Raw Bite

ローバイト <br> Raw Bite



Raw Bite was the creation of three Danish sportsmen, Morton, Rolf, and Nikolaj in 2009. After a late-night discussion around the grill about the shortage of healthy, tasty snack bars on the market, the three friends decided to make their own. Chopping up ingredients and experimenting with recipes led to Raw Bite, the 100% organic, “raw” fruit and nut bar that is now distributed in Danish cinemas and over 40 countries.




Made from simple, honest, and healthy ingredients, Raw Bite lives up to its name in every dimension. These snack bars, which come in nine different flavors, have the same basic ingredients: dates, almonds, or cashews. As a no sugar-added product, Raw Bite maintains blood sugar levels and ensures a steady source of energy.

Do you know how popular this bar is? In addition to earning the Health Food Year of the Award 2011 in Denmark, Raw Bite is eaten by the Danish archery team, along with several top athletes and Olympians. The Danish defense forces even adopted Raw Bite in its individual rations, due to its nutritional value and ability to maintain texture and shape in both hot and cold environments.

Why we love them


Organic, vegan, gluten-free, and naturally sweetened: What’s not to love? Jack’s favorite flavor is the Orange Cacao, our newest addition! What’s your favorite Raw Bite?