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Wild Nectar

ワイルドネクター <br> Wild Nectar




Supplier: Wild Nectar

Country of origin: Australia

Product: Wild Nectar Organic Honey




For a number of years at Wild Nectar they have been working away at beekeeping and honeymaking, focusing on providing pollination services and producing many tonnes of 100% Australian local honey and Organic honey each year. As their passion for raw honey grew they decided it was time to make a change to bring the methods they were using for cold extracted honey and sell to consumers under their own brand, Wild Nectar honey.




They have a small team of passionate beekeepers who tend to their bees year-round, working in harmony with the seasons and local flora to produce the best quality pure honey from the pristine environment of the Australian bush. The variety of Australian flora and the unique local honey produced from native plants make their honey absolutely exceptional. They are driven by a deep passion for beekeeping and the extraordinary locations in which they work. The raw honey is pure and unadulterated gold, and they take great pride in every step of the process from the bush to the honey bottle.


Why We Love Them



The bee hives are plentiful on the east coast of Australia. This area is close to a forest with eucalyptus and orange trees, and it is at least 5 km away from fields cultivated by farmers. Bees have a foraging range of 5 km, so by restricting their range, they can produce organic honey.Their honey is extracted from their hives at low temperatures. It is simply filtered to remove wax, honeycomb, plant twigs, etc. The honey is bottled in its natural state, prioritizing its key enzymes and beneficial nutrients.

Shortly after starting the business with them, Jack and Kay visited a food expo in the United States and spoke to them directly at the Wild Nectar booth, passionately discussing not only about their honey but also bees. They are knowledgeable about the nature of bees and the forests of Australia’s east coast. The honey they produce is not only delicious but also safe to consume.