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The Carob Kitchen

ザーキャロブキッチン<br> The Carob Kitchen




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Supplier: The Carob Kitchen

Country of origin: Australia

Product: Carob coconut bar, Carob almond bar, Carob milk bar, Milk banjo bear, Coconut banjo bear




From a few carob trees to a forest – with no one realizing it

The Carob Kitchen is located in Port Elliot, a town in southern Australia. About 20 years ago, David and Carol Solomon retired as doctors and purchased this land with dreams of a relaxing and elegant retirement. From the recommendation of a relative, they planted a few carob trees.

“We briefly thought about selling carob syrup, but after 10 years the number of trees grew to an unimaginable level, so we gradually started to make carob bars.”

This is how Carob Kitchen began in 2012. There are 3,500 carob trees that cover enough hectares to fit three Tokyo Domes. Because carob is native to the Mediterranean, until now most carob production has been in Spain. However, Australia’s dry and hot climate is also perfect for growing carob.

Carob tree farm in Port Elliot, Australia
Timeline from planting to harvest: There’s a 12-year gap!

About Carob Kitchen




What we can achieve because we are not “profit first”

Carob Kitchen is a family-owned company run by the Solomons, their daughter, and grandchildren. The pods of the carob (locust) bean are processed into powder and chocolate, while the beans are made into syrup. “The producers don’t just sell the raw materials, but process them to make a more value product. That’s a wonderful thing,” says Jack.

Actually, carob trees play a role in combatting desertification. Due to dairy farming, trees are being cut down one by one, and the desertified land is being revived by carob tree forests. Because Carob Kitchen is not a profit-driven company, they have been able to realize sound farming methods, contribute to society, and above all make the best chocolate.

Carob bean pods hanging in a tree
A year in the life of a carob bean

Why we love them



Encountering carob bears in a natural food store in Australia

Carob is well-known in Australia, and you can always find it in natural food stores. In 2014, Jack found carob bears on the shelves of a natural food store in Australia. After receiving Carob Kitchen’s contact, we began importing their products in 2016.

Jack and Fay visiting Carob Kitchen
A heap of dried carob pods