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Green Gourmet

グリーングルメ<br> Green Gourmet





Supplier: Green Gourmet

Country of origin: Denmark

Product: Organic green kale powder




We want to deliver “the Nordic goodness”!

In 2013, Green Gourmet was founded with the goal of providing high-quality, healthy Danish agricultural products around the world. The company is currently producing and selling organic chocolate and energy bars. “At Green Gourmet, we dream of letting people around the world know about safe and delicious Nordic food. We are confident that this is what ‘Nordic goodness’ is all about,” sales director Ulla says.

About Green Gourmet




Raising organic kale on a field the size of 6.5 Tokyo Domes!

This company grows kale on a field the size of 6.5 Tokyo Domes. Kale is a vegetable with a lot of vitality that can grow on thin soil, but they make sure the soil is dry and resistant by adding clay made from organic compost.

Green Gourmet has absolute confidence in the kale it grows, and has thoroughly learned how to process and eat kale. One of its products is kale flakes. In the manufacturing process, the flakes are dried for 24 hours under 42°C, and then transported to Germany to be freeze-dried into flakes. The low temperature is the secret to their deliciousness.

Why we love them



Green Gourmet’s wish: “To spread the word about kale!”

We met with Ulla in 2015. After hearing about the company’s passion for kale and how wonderful it is, we visited their kale fields. By the time we decided to deal with Green Gourmet after careful examination of various aspects, such as what kind of philosophy the company had and whether the kale flakes would attract Japanese consumers, two years had passed since our first encounter with Ulla.