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Earth day クロージングスワップ by Homage

Earth day クロージングスワップ by Homage

Earth Day クロージングスワップ by Homage

◉ 日時:4月13日(土)15:30~18:30

◉ 場所: アリサンパーク 3階

◉ 参加費:¥500・予約無し・同日現金払い  (小学生以下は無料、中学生から500円)





◉ Day&Time: April. 13 Sat. 3:30-6:30 PM (You can come in any time and leave anytime)

◉ Location: Alishan Park (3F)

◉ Fee: ¥500; please make a payment at the event. Reservation is not required.

It’s a good idea to declutter your closet by getting rid of clothes that are still clean and wearable, but that you no longer need. By participating in this event, not only can you save money by acquiring new-to-you clothes, but you can also contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability in fashion. This workshop can even be a good place to get connected to like-minded people. Come and find your new treasures!

If you are unable to attend the event on the scheduled day, don’t worry. We will be accepting clothing donations starting today. You can simply drop them off at Alishan Park. We are accepting not only clothes but also shoes and accessories. After the Christmas Fair concludes, any remaining items will be donated to people in Ukraine.