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Earth Day ペットポートレートby フローレンス

Earth Day ペットポートレートby フローレンス

Earth Day ペットポートレートby フローレンス

◉ 日時:4月13日(土)11:00~17:00

◉ 場所: アリサンパーク 1階




◉ Day&Time: April. 13 Sat. 11:00AM-5:00PM

◉ Location: Alishan Park (1F)

◉ Fee: ¥3000

Book from here 

Come join this event with Tokyo-based illustrator Florence Wong, who will be there to draw a picture of your furry friend. You can bring your pet or a picture of them on the day!

Duration: 15 minutes / session

Price: 3,000yen (excl. tax) (This price is for one A5 drawing including one pet; if you would like more than one pet’s portrait drawn, please book more sessions) Payment can be made by cash or Paypal on the day.