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逆さまトマト栽培 Upside Down Tomatoes

逆さまトマト栽培 Upside Down Tomatoes

Just to prove we test out our own ideas here are my attempts at growing tomatoes upside down. My neighbours think I’m crazy but I intend to prove them wrong!




As you can see I got Jack to saw a hole in the bottom of one of our maple syrup buckets. I lined it with a heavy duty rubbish bag, packs of which are readily available from any home center. The biggest mistake I made here was using a small plant I had already been given which was too large to push through the hole in the bucket. I damaged quite a few leaves doing this and would highly recommend using a smaller seeding (my seedlings were still too small and I just couldn’t wait to give this a try!). The bucket is also a little too large and weighs an awful lot which makes me fear for the fence it’s hung on. However, it’s been there a couple of weeks now and the first tomatoes are just turning red so it seems both the plant and the fence have survived this operation. I have just set up a smaller, lighter weight version using just one of the rubbish bags I used to line the bucket with a much smaller seedling. I will post photos of this in the next week or so. Updates of my brave new tomatoes will also follow!