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Proof’s Place Vegan Pancakes

材料(8 人分)
Material(8 人分)


  1. 「500ml 豆乳」と「大さじ1のお酢」を混ぜて、五分ほど寝かせておく。



  1. Mix together soymilk and vinegar and leave for five minutes to thicken.

    Mix oil and soymilk, then sift in flour.
    Mix well taking care not to over beat. The mixture should be the consistency of thick cream.
    Leave to thicken for 5 minutes.
    Add vanilla extract and stir through.
    Cook on a 250 C hot plate for crisp outside, fluffy middle. Adding more flour will give a thicker batter and thicker pancakes.

アリサンは昨年末「Proof’s Place]から、シェフ、グールをお招きしました。そのグールを講師にIvy Placeと共同でクッキングレッスンを開催しました。

Thanks to our visiting chef Guloo from Proof’s Place holding a lesson along with Ivy Place we are all now masters of the pancake (and very full)