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Coconut Syrup


A popular topping for pancakes in Hawaii is coconut syrup. It looked so delicious that we had to try it for ourselves with Alishan’s coconut cream. Pancakes here are usually served with butter and maple syrup or jam; why not try coconut syrup instead? It tastes a lot like condensed milk and can be used in the same way. Alishan coconut cream is richer than many supermarket brands of coconut milk and is ideal for making your own syrup.


○Try it on pancakes, scones or on toast.


○Add it to drinks or as a topping for shaved ice or ice cream.


○Use in place of condensed milk.


Coconut Cream
1 can
1 cup


  1. 鍋にココナッツクリーム缶、砂糖を入れ、火にかける。油脂分と砂糖がよく溶けたら出来上がり。冷蔵庫で保存してください。冷蔵庫で数時間経つと徐々に分離します。また使うときに必要なぶんだけ取り出して温めてください。




  1. Add the coconut cream and sugar to a small pan. Stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved and mixed with the coconut cream. Turn off the heat and leave to cool. Once cool, move to the fridge and leave for about 2 hours. The syrup will gradually separate the longer you leave it in the fridge so when you want to use some it’s best to reheat a small amount to re-mix before use.

    You can replace the sugar with maple syrup or agave if you prefer.

    Note: If you would like to create something more like a caramel sauce, reduce the sugar to around 1/2 cup and simmer on a low heat for 30 minutes, without stirring, until thickened.