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Alishan’s Kitchen on Cookpad

クックパッドにアリサンレシピ掲載中!<br>Alishan’s Kitchen on Cookpad

クックパッド内に「アリサンのキッチン」があることご存知ですか?アリサンスタッフたちが作ってきた200点のレシピが掲載されています。※日本語のみ 「この商品どうやって使えばいいの?」のヒントになるレシピもたくさん!



Did you know that you can find ‘Alishan’s Kitchen on Cookpad? There are currently 200 recipes made by the Alishan staff with ideas on how to use the products we sell. *Japanese only:

The appeal of Cookpad is that it is easy to find the recipe you want. For example, if you search for “Textured Soy Protein” you will find lots of recipes from the general public as well as those from our kitchen giving even more ideas on what to cook.

Alishan’s recipes are also available on the Alisan homepage (click here for the recipe page) and are bilingual Japanese & English. A wide range of new recipes are published every month, from super-easy recipes to authentic recipes prepared by chefs. Two of our most recent recipes,  scotch egg and shepherd’s pie, were made by Mr. S, British partner of one of our staff and a dab hand in the kitchen. His authentic British recipes give some great ideas on how to use our new mock meat, OmniPork. Everything was delicious!