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Jewel Date Company

ジュエルデーツ社<br>Jewel Date Company





Supplier: Jewel Date Company

Country of origin: U.S.

Product: Organic Medjool dates, Organic Deglet dates

Why we love them


We have been buying our dates from Jewel Dates, located in Palm Springs, California, from the early 90s. There are many different kinds of dates but at Alishan we import Deglet and Medjool dates. Dates are one of the most fragile fruit Alishan import and instead of boxes they are shipped frozen, in trays to keep their shape.



The photo below is the Alishan team visiting Jewel Dates in March. It was 30c that day but in the summer it can get as hot as 50c in the field.


Date trees have female and male trees. To increase growth level on the trees each tree is hand pollinated by a farmer up on a ladder.


Date trees start growing fruit 6 years after being planted and have a 15- 20 year life span of being used to grow dates.  After their useful production life is over date trees are sold to hotels and cities as decorative trees.


Every member of staff that works at Jewel Dates must take a food and safety class and have tests they must pass in order to work in the facility. The dates they produce are the best we have tasted and we look forward to the next 20 years of working together.