Supplier 生産者紹介

Once Again Nut Butter

ワンスアゲインナッツバター<br>Once Again Nut Butter

生産者: ワンスアゲインナッツバター

原産国: アメリカ

商品名: 有機ピーナッツバタークランチ有機ピーナッツバタースムース有機タヒニ有機はちみつ

                  有機ピーナッツバタークランチ           Smooth Peanut Butter           Tahini

Supplier: Once Again Nut Butter

Country of origin: U.S.

Product: Organic Crunchy peanut butter, Organic Smooth peanut butter, Organic Tahini




If you have a coffee roaster, why don’t you try making peanut butter?

After a friend asked them: “If you have a coffee roaster, why don’t you try making peanut butter?”, Jeremy and Constance decided to found Once Again Nut Butter in 1976. They stocked nuts in bulk sizes, roasted nuts in the coffee roaster, and started making peanut butter. The peanut butter container a reused bulk can from the local bakery. Their workshop was a small basement of about four tatami mats in size (3.6 x 1.8 meters), until they moved to their current factory.

About Once Again


Once Again was a pioneer in the nut butter world, and the first company to make organic Valencia peanut butter in the U.S. Later they became a 100% employee-owned company. The company buys ingredients from farmers at fair prices and supports agricultural cooperatives. Today, they also sell honey, and support family beekeepers and sunflower seed growers.

Why we love them






Once Again’s peanut butter is still No. 1

“Today, you can find many kinds of peanut butter in Japan, but Once Again has always been my #1. It’s the “real thing” made by good ingredients and sincerity. I believe good foods should be simple and affordable. Peanut butter is delicious on its own, wonderful in desserts, and also perfect for Thai food. At Alishan Cafe, we bake peanut butter cookies as a regular item and they are very popular,” says Jack.

(As a side note, peanut butter can only be labeled “peanut butter” if more than 90% of the ingredients are peanuts.)

It all started when we imported bulk containers, and packaged by ourselves

For Jack, who loved peanut butter so much that he ate peanut butter sandwiches every day when he was a kid, this is the one he has been eating since 1978. When Tengu Natural Foods began importing in 1987, it was hard to get your hands on real peanut butter in Japan. Jack and Fay imported Once Again in bulk size, packaged it by themselves, and sold in plastic containers provided by a local store. Similar to Once Again, isn’t it? The spirit of “reuse” and “upcycle” was and is still the Alishan way. Thirty years later, it is still one of Alishan’s signature products.