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3人の青年がアパートの一室でスタート。本当のAID(援助)を実現する微炭酸ドリンク「レモンエイド LEMON-AID」

Unlike many other companies who first establish their product, then donate to charity, LemonAid began with the idea of a charity, then developed their product.

ドイツのLEMONAID社の社名に含まれる”AID” の由来は「援助」。レモンエイドを買うと、1本あたり約7円をレモネイド社の外郭団体を通じて開発途上国、その他サステナブルな社会的活動に寄付される基金「Lemonand &  Chari ” Tea”」となるからです。2010年からの基金総額は400万ユーロに及びました。

For every bottle that LemonAid produce (not sell), they donate 7 yen to charity. 


Jacob Berndt, who spent many years working for a governmental support agency, became disillusioned with the way donations were being used. He decided to start LemonAid with two friends who lived in the same apartment, determined to make a better aid organization. They began creating their own drinks and bottling them in their own apartment, selling them directly to a local cafe. The quality of their drinks and the design was as important to them as their mission to create a sustainable and effective aid organization. LemonAid soon spread through Germany and across to Europe and is now reaching out to Asia. They recently won a competition run by the German government for their business philosophy and product design which has increased their recognition worldwide.


Strong point



Unlike regular lemonade, this drink isn’t made of lemons and carbonated water. Instead they use organic fruits with just a little bit of sweetness and fizz to create a tasty and refreshing drink. The four founding principles of LemonAid are to taste good, use good ingredients, do good in society, and care for the environment by encouraging recycling and upcycling.



Alishan now carries a soap dispenser cap and an oil dispenser cap which fit any of the LemonAid bottles. The simple design looks great and can be found in use at the Alishan Cafe.