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“The best recipes start with the best ingredients” 

Guisto’s began in 1940 as a bakery inside a small natural food store in San Francisco. Amelia and Matthew Giusto stuck to their motto of “the best recipes start with the best ingredients” at a time when chemicals and additives were beginning to make their way into food. Amelia made many of their natural and organic products, while Matthew milled the flour for her to bake with. Following increasing demand for high-quality bread and baking ingredients, they gradually moved out of the bakery business and became a wholesaler.

Even before the organic boom began, Giusto’s used a third party certification agency to certify the organic status of their farmers and factories. Their flour mill received organic certification in 2008.



About Giusto’s


Today, Giusto’s not only handles flours, but also a wide range of other products such as yeast, dry fruits, nuts, honey, maple, and other natural sweeteners, and has become an indispensable part of West Coast bakeries specializing in organic products.