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Huilerie Loued

Huilerie Loued

生産者:Huilerie Loued


商品名チュニジア産 有機エキストラバージョンオリーブオイル

チュニジア産 有機エキストラバージンオリーブオイル 250ml

Supplier: Huilerie Loued

Country of origin: Tunisia

Product: Organic Tunisian extra virgin olive oil



Tunisia, the world’s second largest olive-producing country

It is not well known in Japan that Tunisia has the second largest olive cultivation area in the world after Spain. Its hot and dry climate makes it ideal for olive growing. The history of olive cultivation dates back thousands of years. Actually, Tunisian olive oil was exported to Italy and Spain, blended with oils from these countries, and then distributed worldwide as “Made in Italy” and “Made in Spain.” However, more recently Tunisia has become known for its high quality oils and can proudly claim “produced in Tunisia.”



1928年にオリーブ工場をスタートさせたメーカーのHuilerie Loued社。創業者は2000本のオリーブの木を所有していて、毎年収穫の時期には親戚や友人みんなを集めて作業しました。当時はすべてが手作業。収穫が終わるとみんなで歌ったり踊ったり、ごちそうを食べて収穫を祝いました。

現在四代目となる同社は世界中にオリーブオイルを輸出するほど大きく成長しましたが、伝統的な製法で高品質なオイルを作るポリシーは変わっていません。ヨーロッパの大規模オリーブ農園ではオリーブ収穫用機械で木を揺すって実を落とす収穫方法が多い中、Huilerie Loued社のオリーブは手摘みされています。実を傷つけにくいので酸化が最小限で木にも負担をかけません。そうして収穫されたオリーブはその日のうちに選別、洗浄後、低温搾油され、瓶に充填されます。チュニジアオリーブの二大品種、シュトウィ種(北部で栽培、緑色が強く 軽い苦みが特徴)、シェムラリ種(南部で栽培、黄色が強くマイルド)をブレンドしています。

Hand-picked olives

Huilerie Loued built an olive factory in 1928. The founder owned 2000 olive trees, and at the time of harvest each year, he gathered and worked with his relatives and friends. At that time, everything was done manually. When the harvest was over they sang, danced, and had a feast to celebrate the harvest.

The fourth-generation company has grown so much in the intervening years that it now exports olive oil to the world, but the policy of producing high-quality oil using traditional methods has not changed; Huilerie Loued’s olives are hand-picked in Europe’s large-scale olive farms. These olives are then sorted, washed, cold-pressed and bottled in the same day. A blend of two major Tunisian olive varieties, Stowie (cultivated in the north, characterized by a strong green color and light bitterness) and Shemurari (cultivated in the south, strongly yellow and mild tasting).


オリーブオイルの特徴は豊富なオレイン酸。オレイン酸は酸化しにくく、善玉コレステロールは減らさずに悪玉コレステロールを減らすといわれています。 さらに抗酸化物質もたっぷり。

How about a Mediterranean diet? 

Olive oil is characterized by its rich oleic acid. Oleic acid is hard to oxidize and is said to reduce bad cholesterol without reducing good cholesterol. It also contains a high level of antioxidants and is a corner stone of a Mediterranean diet, a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, grains and beans, and olive oil, modeled on the traditional healthy diet of Italy and Greece of the 1960s.

Why we love them


オリーブオイルのすばらしさはキッチンだけにとどまりません。お肌、髪にもすばらしい働きをします。紫外線、スイミングプールの塩素などでダメージを受けた髪に、湯煎して温めたオイルを髪につけてタオルで巻き、20分後シャンプー(2回くらい)してオイルを取り除いてください。シャイニーで元気な髪になりますよ!また、乾燥したかかとに塗って、靴下を履いて寝れば夜中オリーブオイルが効いてくれます。 石けんで洗う前少量のオリーブオイルで顔や身体をマッサージするのもいいです。瓶にちょこっと残ったオイルはぜひスキンケアに!

Good for your skin and hair

The wonders of olive oil extend beyond the kitchen; it is also great for your skin and hair. For hair that has been damaged by UV rays, chlorine in the swimming pool, etc., apply warm oil to the hair, wrap it with a towel, and after 20 minutes, shampoo (about 2 times) to remove the oil. For dry, cracked heels apply at night, put on socks and let it moisturize your feet as you sleep. You can also massage your face and body with a small amount of olive oil before washing with soap.