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Amy’s Kitchen

エイミーズキッチン<br>Amy’s Kitchen

原産国:アメリカ Country of origin: US

サプライヤー:エイミーズキッチン Supplier: Amy's Kitchen

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History of Amy’s


1987年、米国カリフォルニアでエイミーズキッチンは誕生しました。 “エイミー”



“If you can’t buy it, make it yourself!”

The business began life when Rachel was pregnant with Amy. Her husband Andy went to the local natural food store to pick up some easy, organic, vegetarian food, but couldn’t find anything they liked the taste of. The only solution was to make it themselves.

They began small, selling pot pies locally, but word soon spread and the requests came in thick and fast. People were asking for pizza and soup and allergy-friendly products; the company responded to these requests and began to grow. Today it has 2500 employees who together prepare over 200 million meals each year whilst always sticking to their original principles of healthy, organic meals.

About Amy’s







Amy’s products are 100% vegetarian. They don’t use GMO ingredients, there are no chemical flavourings or preservatives added and most of the food processing is done by hand. We’ve been to visit the factory and can attest to this!

Amy’s began with organic ingredients and has worked with local organic farmers ever since, both growing together. Amy’s purchases 40,000 tons of organic ingredients every year.

The company also donates more than 1 millions dollars worth of their products to food bands each year and help employees to assists in volunteer activities with either financial or food support.

Even though they continue to grow, Amy’s believes in family management of the company, organic sustainability and care for the welfare of their employees.

Why we love them


Alishan and Amy’s share a similar foundation, both begun by a husband and wife team looking to bring healthy food to as many people as possible. We have been working with Amy’s since the early days, enjoying long term favourites like their veggie burgers and the vegetable and barley soup as well as looking forward to their new recipe innovations in the years to come.