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Eden Foods

エデンフーズ<br>Eden Foods

エデンフーズ ・Eden Foods

豆缶、アップルジュース(瓶)、アップルバター、アップルソース、beans, apple juice, butter and sauce, pasta sauce




The co-op was founded in the 1960s based on the macrobiotic principles of “whole foods”, “organic cultivation”, and “biodynamic farming” that were a global phenomenon at the time; a time when there weren’t many shops dealing with natural food and macrobiotic ingredients in America yet. They began with co-op members searching for organic farmers and visiting the countryside one by one. Eventually they grew to become a natural food store that handled whole grains, beans, soy products, seaweed, miso, cereals, unrefined oils, seeds and nut butter. Then they opened a cafe, a bakery, a bookstore and began to grow rapidly, with customers coming to visit from across America. Health food stores in the United States also began to carry their product range, and the Eden brand was formed. Eden also began importing seaweed, miso, soy sauce, pickled plum, rice flour, rice vinegar, braised pickles, mirin, etc. from Japanese traditional processed food manufacturers, strengthening the bond between the macrobiotic movement in both countries.


Eden is North America’s oldest company in the organic foods industry and is the largest organic foods company that has not been acquired by a larger corporation, so it is able to stick to its principles. In addition, it is also a leading importer of traditional Japanese food and macrobiotic food to the US and has received many awards over the years for it’s pioneering work.


Many of the raw materials are purchased directly from the local farmers, allowing them to stay as small, independent organic farms. In addition, Eden conduct strict GMO inspections and thoroughly monitor the impact of their products on the environment and society. They are passionate about protecting the environment as a whole and campaign heavily against GMO. You can find out more about the work Eden does to protect the environment on their website.


エデンは缶詰からビスフェノールABPAを取り除くことに他社に先駆け取り組みました。BPAは環境ホルモンとして疑いのある物質。多くの缶詰の内面塗装の樹脂成分に含まれます。 BPAは、特に幼児が摂取すると健康上よくない影響があるとされています。




テングで人気の豆缶は、ひよこ豆缶とブラックビーンズ缶です。 ひよこ豆缶といえば、フーマスですね。ブラックビーンズ缶はまだ使ったことがない?意外にスイーツ作りに大活躍です。ブラックビーンズのブラウニーはいかが?タンパク質いっぱいで、簡単、美味しい!ぜひお試しください。レシピはこちら

What makes Eden’s canned beans so good?

Eden have worked hard to remove bisphenol-A from their cans, a chemical that is used in the plastic lining of most canned foods. Bisphenol-A has raised some health concerns, especially for young children, and based on these findings Eden were the first to eliminate the chemical from their cans.

Eden also add kombu to their canned beans, which increases the iodine content, a nutrient that can be lacking in a regular western diet (perhaps not so much in Japan with the high consumption of sea vegetables) but also helps the body digest and absorb the nutrients in the beans. If you’re cooking dried beans, always throw in a piece of kombu too!


Our most popular canned beans at Tengu are garbanzo beans and black beans. Garbanzo are a must for hummus and if you haven’t tried making a black bean brownie yet, you must! Full of protein, easy to make and delicious.