We went to the largest organic food show

We went to the largest organic food show

(English follows)

ドイツで行われる世界最大のオーガニック展示会Biofach。ジャック&フェイは、アリサンスタッフ4人をひきつれて行ってきましたよー。 展示会は4日間に渡ります。化粧品のセクションを含めると、8つのホールで構成されていました。とにかくチョーでかい。

すでに取引のあるVitamont、Raw Bite、Meridian 等のブースでは改めていいコミュニケーションが出来ました。そして皆さんに紹介出来る新商品を探して歩きに歩きました。荷物少なめで行ったのは大正解。何故って、帰りのサンプルの重量は40キロですから。ヴィーガン商品とローチョコレートが目立ちました。ベジミートも人気でしたが、ほとんどの商品は賞味期限が短くて日本に輸入するのはかなり難しそうです。でも、日本でベジミートをお探しの方には朗報があります!テングでは、3月からアメリカ生まれの大豆ミートを販売します。名前はトーフキー。乞うご期待。




1位:アメリカ 2位:ドイツ 3位:フランス 4位:中国


1位:スイス 2位:デンマーク 3位:スエーデン






1位:スペイン 24%↑

2位:アイルランド 23%↑

3位:スエーデン 20%↑


Jack, Fay and couple of Alishan staff went to Biofach, the largest organic food show in the world, held in Nuremberg, Germany.  The show was 4 days long and consisted of 7 different halls (it’s massive, including the organic cosmetic hall it would be 8 halls in total).

We met up with numerous suppliers such as Vitamont, Raw Bites, Meridian and more. It was nice to meet up with our suppliers as well as wander through the halls looking for new products for Alishan. It was good that we all traveled with light bags as we came back to Japan with over 40kg of samples. Vegan and raw chocolate was by far the most common product at the show, as well as vegan meat and cheese substitutes. Sadly many of them have such a short shelf life that importing from Europe would be too difficult. But we do have good news for people looking for meat subsititues in Japan as from March, Tengu will start selling Tofurkey (soy-based meat) from America. 

We also went to a couple of seminars about the organic food industry. Here are some quick facts we thought were interesting.

  • The organic food industry in Europe consists of 29.8 Billion Euros 
  • The largest organic markets by country are:
  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. France
  4. China
  • The countries with the highest amount spent per person on organic food (Europe):
  1. Switzerland
  2. Denmark
  3. Sweden 
  • The highest organic share of total food market (Europe):
  1. Denmark (went to 4 meetings with Danish food manufacturers and all said their product is sold in 7/11, so it must be that organic food is so easily accessible, people buy lots)
  2. Switzerland
  3. Luxemburg 4. Sweden
  • The countries with the highest growth in the organic market from 2015:
  1. Spain 24%
  2. Ireland 23%
  3. Sweden 20%