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Christmas Pudding

クリスマスプディング<br>Christmas Pudding


Every year Jack, owner Alishan gets excited to make Christmas Pudding.



What is a Christmas Pudding?

Christmas Pudding is a type of pudding traditional served as part of Xmas dinner in the UK. It is not like a Japanese pudding where you imagine lots of custard but a desert filled with lots of dried fruits .



アメリカ人のジャックにとって、英国のクリスマスプディングは異国のもので子供の頃は全く知りませんでした。テングを始めた80年代、ジャックの友人、「レストラン 1066 」のオーナーで英国人ジェーン・クックさんがとってもおいしいクリスマスプディングを作ってくれていました。後にジェーンさんがそのプディングの秘伝のレシピをジャックに授けてくれ、ジャックのプディング作りが始まりました。




クリスマスプディング  1166円

Jacks relation with Christmas Pudding.

Jack is an American who had never tried Christmas Pudding growing up. Back in the 80s when Jack had just started Tengu, one of his friend Jane, who ran a restaurant called 1066, would make the Christmas Puddings for everyone.  Jane taught Jack her secret recipe and since then Jack has been making the puddings.

Christmas Pudding is filled with dried fruit. More fruit than flour and no dairy or eggs.

A bit strange that an American is making a traditional english dessert but every year Jack gets compliments from Brits across Japan who are delighted that they can get their hands on a Christmas Pudding.

“If you have good ingredients you can make a good one. The hardest part is that you need to steam it for 5 hours. Waiting one month after its made to give the flavors time to mature.”

You can buy mini Christmas Pudding filled with organic dried fruit on Tengu Store for 1166 yen.